We detect areas for improvement or growth within your organisation, create a tailored action plan to meet your needs – financial, organisational, IT systems, and others – and offer you support in its implementation and follow-up.


We help with the Strategic plans and Balanced scorecard, Business plans and Viability, Implementation of Management Control Systems and Integration projects.

Diagnostic for SMEs (with us, you can decide your future)
We undertake a full business review process, including its corporate and shareholder structure, its economic and financial performance, business taxation and shareholder returns, management control systems, business model and data systems, and also the administration and management of human resources. Its current situation is diagnosed, detecting weak points or areas for improvement and a measured and scheduled action plan is proposed, aimed at improving the company’s efficiency and guaranteeing its sustainability and succession through a continued process of the professionalisation of its structure and operations.

Strategic plans/Balanced scorecard
We support any companies that want to reformulate their business objectives, outlining the actions necessary to achieve this and putting monitoring mechanisms in place that will guarantee the realisation of the objectives, improving their planning and management system. This is achieved following the balanced scorecard methodology that facilitates the understanding and adoption of the strategy by the entire organisation.

Business plans and Viability plans
We help companies that want to invest in a new business or that need to reformulate their current business and require a valuation framework of scenarios to determine the financial requirements and resources necessary (physical and human), to measure the sensitivity between the different business model parameters and assess the chances of success, setting out a framework of recommendations to guarantee the success of the project.
Diagnostic for SMEs: Design of a transformation plan for family-run SMEs that see an opportunity in the professionalisation of the company to take on the next stage of growth or addressing family business succession planning.

Implementation of Management Control Systems/Departmental balanced scorecards
Have in place a Management Control System (MCS), guaranteeing the effective and efficient use of resources to help achieve fixed targets across the entire company or any of the components in its value chain. To achieve this, a loop process for planning goals, data gathering, the analysis of whether goals are met and taking corrective decisions is designed and implemented. One of the resulting tools is the departmental balanced scorecard that helps establish goals and track results. We prototype balanced scorecards to assess which business intelligence tools can most meet the needs of the company.

Design and control of business mergers/integration projects
The success of a process of business restructuring as a consequence of a merger or integration with another company, or through the absorption of a third party’s business, will be determined, to a large degree, through the management of the process itself. For this reason, we design the integration project. By planning the actions necessary for the merger of the operations and determining the physical and human resources necessary for the new situation, we help put together the project team that will manage the change in its entirety (processes, people and resources) and we provide a management and monitoring model for the project


We offer a Economic and financial diagnostic, we are experts in Budget control, financing and financial restructuring and valuation and sale of businesses.

Economic financial diagnostic
A first step in beginning a financial consultancy process requires a financial diagnostic of the as-is state of the company. By entering the economic and financial data into a powerful balance sheet analysis tool, we produce a static and dynamic analysis of the financial statements to provide a clear picture of the situation of the company at a specific point in time (static) and make a forecast on prospective financial situations (dynamic).

Budget control
Using historic data and forecasts provided by company management, we support the financial management in drawing up economic, financial and treasury budgets, scheduling them in accordance with the planned budget review cycle.
Budget control requires periodic monitoring to ensure that it is being complied with, the detection of variances, and taking the necessary measures to remedy these. Our financial consultancy service performs budget monitoring: by comparing it with real data, we detect any variances, analyse them and prepare an action plan.
We implement a rolling forecast process. This is a mechanism to assess and control budgets that converts a static budget into an excellent tool for continuous control.

Financing and financial restructuring
We analyse the register that banks hold on the company’s loans, credits and guarantees, etc. and look to rationalise its financing to optimise its correct financial structure, the reduction of financial costs and the limitation of warranties.
We help in the search for financing alternatives and support financial management in the study of investments and company growth through company acquisitions, client portfolios and/or the internationalisation of the company

Valuation and sale of businesses, Due diligence
We provide support to any companies wanting to sell all or part of a company or branch of business, by drawing up a sales dossier which includes all relevant information that potential purchasers may require. We support the process of searching for potential buyers and the different negotiation processes that are established, ranging from legal, fiscal and commercial guidance on possible sales operations, to drawing up the letter of intent when negotiations come to fruition, and also to provide support in the exercise of due diligence prior to formalising the sales process and in drafting and monitoring the sale or purchase contracts.


We guide you in relation compliance with the European Regulation on Data and Organisational efficiency,the selection of IT solutions and implementation projects.

Compliance with the European Regulation on Data Protection
We help any type of company conform to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and all applicable Spanish legislation (LOPD, LSSI, etc.). By performing a review of the existing IT processes and systems, files with personal data are detected, corrective measures are proposed in order to comply with that required by the regulation, and all necessary legal (with the support of the Legal Department) and operational documentation is generated, such as Legal Notices, the Privacy Policy, data processor contracts and the Security Protocol.

Organisational efficiency: restructuring of functions, processes and staffing at an adequate level. Studies for outsourcing processes
We help diagnose areas for operational improvement in companies that want to increase their efficiency, within one department, a business area or the entire company. We propose alternatives geared to restructuring current functions within the department, redefining or automating processes and circuits, promoting staff training, undertaking a staff recruitment process to cover a position or proposing outsourcing solutions.

Supporting the implementation of Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems.
We provide support to companies in taking all organisational, procedural and documental measures for the correct implementation of Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems that may be certifiable under a standard (ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015).

Diagnostic of IT functions and the selection of IT solutions
We provide support to any companies wanting to undertake a diagnostic on their IT functions and obtain an overview of alternatives for development, based on guidelines on timelines and pre-set budgets, always weighing up IT solutions that exist on the market.

Support for IT-solution implementation projects
We bring our experience to IT-solution implementation projects, helping our clients manage the project both internally as well as with the different providers involved. We achieve this using a pragmatic approach, focusing on the success of the project and helping them make the right decisions at all times.